On the night we met, my husband told me he was friends with the Queen.

He's from England, so it only makes sense. "This is how Queenie does it," he demonstrated, tilting his head to one side so that a broken pair of neon sunglasses missing a lens wouldn't fall off his face.

Over the next few months and with 5,000 miles between us, we spoke of the Queen quite often. We lived by the mantra "what would Queenie do?" We celebrated her (88th!) birthday with a storebought cupcake and a Facetime date.

Danny has taught me that it never hurts to have a little imagination. Taking a leap of faith doesn't hurt either. Last year he moved to the states so we could be together after a year of doing long distance and I decided to finally start selling my bracelets.

I think Queenie would be quite proud.

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