Hi! I'm Maddie. I bake cookies and cakes because those are my very very favorite things to eat. I make them for special occasions like weddings and baby showers but I don't believe you need a special occasion to eat such things. A random Wednesday will do.

I also blog, sometimes about recipes but mostly about my husband Danny and his giant ears. I started blogging in 2012 when I lived with my best friend Hayley and started baking more seriously but didn't exactly know what I was doing. More recently Danny and I went on a big trip around SE Asia that you can read about here.

My fears include: earthquakes, spiders, and being forced into playing competitive sports. Hobbies include: eavesdropping on British children, organizing my sprinkle collection, and searching for the best chocolate chip cookie in Seattle. 

Email me at maddbakes@gmail.com - I love hearing about your baking successes, failures, and frustrations. Sometimes I can help.