Haad Yuan, Thailand

I'm absolutely sure this is the best place on earth. Which is what made it painfully difficult to leave the other day after being here for a few weeks. I started questioning our itinerary, like maaaaybe we don't want to go to Cambodia or Vietnam? Maybe we should stay right here where we have soft sand and really good green curry. And where it takes an average of 3 minutes to walk from one end of the bay to the other (on a slow day).

We stayed in a little bungalow that was haphazardly perched on some cliffs. Silly Thailand. I found a scorpion in our bathroom one day and it took me a solid 4 minutes to get the courage to run past it to go find Danny. I negotiated with it, like if you just stay right there, and don't move, I won't brutally murder you. Then I prayed a little bit and bolted

We had a really good thing going on, me and this beach. We established a little bit of a routine that involved noodle soup and frisbee and using the lounge chairs and towels and wifi at the expensive resort next door. One of my favorite things about Thailand is when you sit at a restaurant, you're most likely sitting on some really comfy pillows on the ground and it's basically mandatory to stay there at least two hours. They don't bring you the bill or glare at you like they do in America. They don't care if you fall asleep. I think 90% of the time we were in Haad Yuan we were sitting around the table.

We're off! Heading to Siem Reap. Our friends have gone back home now so we're desperately working on our pick-up lines.